Okemos member Nolan Erickson’s path to becoming a lawyer had a few detours

Nolan Erickson

“My uncle is an attorney, so from a young age that is something that interested me. I was also interested in science and medicine. I graduated with a degree in history and served as vice president of the pre-law society, but after college I became a certified emergency medical technician. After a while I knew I didn’t want to be an EMT my whole life, so I considered going back to school for nursing, teaching, or law. While in law school, I was hired by Church Wyble (now Grewal Law), and immediately connected with personal injury litigation. It allowed me to help people and utilize my medical knowledge to an extent,” stated Erickson.

Erickson joined MAJ in 2009 because he believes MAJ membership is an indispensable source of assistance and encouragement. “Every MAJ member I have met is passionate about helping people get through tough times and leveling the playing field with insurance and corporate defendants. Working together to share knowledge and resources helps offset the enormous advantage insurance companies would otherwise have against individual plaintiffs.”

A monthly contributor to JUSTICE PAC, Erickson stated, “The civil justice system and particularly the right to a jury trial is under attack in the legislature. So-called reforms that seek to prevent transparency, accountability, and justice are regularly introduced, often on short notice and with little to no debate. JPAC’s efforts to identify and address those threats are essential to maintaining a fair fight against corporate interests.”

Grewal Law is a full-service law firm. “Over the last 10 years I have worked on all manners of personal injury cases, from the very modest to the very large. Car crash, dog bite, slip and fall, medical malpractice – I have done it all. However, without a doubt the Nassar/MSU/USAG case is the most interesting. Grewal Law represented 111 of the 333 survivors who reached the $500 million settlement with Michigan State. In the ongoing case against USAG, we represent 136 survivors.

“Another really gratifying case was a modest auto neg case that I settled in 2013. Since then, that client has been a good source of referrals. In 2017 he referred a friend who had been in a motorcycle crash. Thankfully he made an outstanding recovery and we were able to settle that matter for a significant amount of money, resulting in fair compensation for some very serious injuries. Having the trust of your clients and former clients is one of the greatest compliments.”

Erickson enjoys camping, reading, hiking, running, traveling; golfing, and attending theatrical shows and sporting events. He and his wife Sarah have two young sons, Sebastian and Calvin.

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