Can a Doctor Be Liable If Labor Lasts Too Long?

When you think about the law relative to birth injury, you need to know who to take action against to recover the compensation that you and your child need.  Afterall, your child may need lifelong medical care, therapies, equipment and full-time medical assistance.

When it comes to prolonged labor, who is liable?

It is important to truly understand how serious this situation is and who may be considered liable after it occurs. Is the doctor considered liable? If so, how can a family prove that the doctor was aware of the situation and failed to take action?

When a Doctor Delays Labor

A doctor may be considered liable for delayed labor if they allow the labor to last longer than 20 hours. The doctor looking over the labor must keep track of how long the labor is lasting and identify if it is not progressing as it should.

If the labor lasts longer than the 20 hours and the baby suffers harm, the doctor may be held liable for the injuries they caused.

Can Another Party Be Responsible?

While delayed labor most often falls on the doctor, there may be other parties who hold some percentage of liability. For instance, the hospital at which the doctor is performing may be considered liable if any of the other decision makers were employees or agents of the facility.

Nurses can also be responsible if they’re looking over the labor and fail to report specific time to a doctor or up the chain of command.

When it comes to birth injury law, our team at Grewal Law has a record of success.  We are committed to helping clients through the most complex matters. We’re dedicated to guiding families and pursuing the most favorable outcome possible for the lifelong damages they’ve encountered.

With our Michigan birth injury attorneys on your side, you can feel peace of mind. We’re looking out for your family and we want to hold negligent parties accountable for the lifelong harms and losses they have caused to your baby and to your family.

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