What Kind of Injuries Can Patients Sustain from Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is one of the worst things that can happen as it often results in further problems on top of already existing injuries and conditions. As such, it’s important for individuals to recognize what types of injuries can occur following the actual act of malpractice.

Internal Organ Damage

Whenever surgery is performed on a wrong patient or body part, or an object is left inside of the patient following surgery, it can cause significant problems with internal organs. For instance, surgery performed on the wrong body part could cause the patient to lose an organ that was perfectly healthy.

If there is an object such as a scalpel left inside the patient, it can puncture an internal organ, causing serious bleeding and long-term damage. Overall, it could be catastrophic or even fatal.

Unnecessary Incisions

Surgical errors lead to unnecessary incisions on certain parts of the body, especially when surgery is not needed for the condition from which a patient is suffering. These types of issues can also be a result of misdiagnosis when a patient is told they need a certain procedure when they really don’t.

Untreated Conditions

It’s not always about new injuries occurring, but it could be about injuries and illnesses going untreated, allowing it to worsen. This is common when the doctor misdiagnoses a patient or in the event of the doctor ordering incorrect tests to determine a diagnosis.

This is most dangerous with fatal conditions such as cancer. When cancer is not properly diagnosed, it goes untreated and as a result, the fatal nature of the disease can be too much to overcome, even if the diagnosis is done after the initial visit.

At Grewal Law, we work hard to protect our clients when medical professionals cause them more harm than that which they are already dealing. It is necessary to pursue the compensation that is needed to move forward, cover medical expenses, and get more treatment.

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