Never Events: Things that Should Never Happen In a Medical Facility


When it comes to medical malpractice, there are several different instances that could warrant legal action against a negligent medical professional. However, there are some situations that should never happen; as such, they’re referred to as never events.

The list of never events can be broken down to include many items and patients should recognize what they are and how they impact their ability to take legal action against a doctor or medical facility. Here are some of the events that should never happen in a medical facility:

List of Never Events

  • Surgical errors: When someone suffers serious, disabling, or fatal injuries as a result of a surgical error, this falls under the category of a never event. The patient and family can pursue legal action against the responsible party.
  • Product or device errors: This is when serious injury or death results from the use of contaminated drugs, defective medical devices, or any event associated with intravascular air embolism.
  • Patient care errors: This includes actions such as discharging a patient unable to make their own decisions to an unauthorized individual, patient disappearance, or patient self-harm, suicide, or attempted suicide.
  • Care management errors: This can include instances of medication errors, unsafe administration of a blood transfusion, injury during low-risk pregnancy, falls in a healthcare setting, or pressure ulcers after admission.
  • Environmental errors: This may occur with electrical shock, fires and burn injuries, any injury or death associated with the use of restraints or bedrails, and errors where the patient receives the wrong gas, toxic substances, or no oxygen when needed.

Our Michigan medical malpractice attorneys take never events very seriously. When a doctor performs an action that causes a patient more harm than good, they should be held fully accountable for that act of negligence.

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