The Holidays and Divorce and Family Law

Father and daughter

If you are seeking a divorce, you might be wondering how much the holiday season will affect its trajectory and timeline, as well as whether it can be done with ease. While it is true that handling divorce during the holidays can be particularly tricky, that does not mean it is impossible. In fact, there are many people who do so every single year.

First, it is highly recommended to obtain the help of an attorney because they can work as an arbitrator should any unnecessary conflict arise; legal professionals are trained to handle the toughest family law-related issues, after all. Thus, they can be very helpful in navigating divorces riddled with countless negative emotions and can promptly deescalate a disagreement via a legally sound compromise.

Next, if a divorcing couple has children, getting an early start on planning holiday arrangements is more than recommended. Not only will this prevent last-minute fights about which parent the children will spend the day of the holiday with, but it will also help reduce any anxiety the children are experiencing regarding this matter.

Holiday visitation schedules may sound complicated, but they are quite easy to navigate with the help of a professional. Once again, it is wise to hire an attorney to ensure that a plan is developed in which both parents receive equal time with their children. If an agreement cannot be reached, or if one parent is attempting to deny parenting time without a lawful reason, Michigan has guidelines to assist in curating a fair child custody and holiday visitation schedule. These state guidelines divide holidays between the two parties using odd- and even-numbered years.

Please note: If a child prefers to always spend one holiday with one parent, the judge will consider this fact during the divorce trial. There is, however, no specified age that the law considers old enough for a child to deny visitation. The only such age would be 18 years old, when they become a legal adult.

The last topic we will discuss is whether divorce trials happen during the holiday season. While courts are usually not conducting very many divorce trials amid the holidays, they are open to do so. In fact, there have already been reports of an increase in divorce cases with the holidays coming at the end of a year heavily impacted by COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, and its associated lockdowns and regulations. According to Insider, some people have said they simply cannot wait any longer to begin their divorce proceedings.

Have you found yourself feeling the same way? If you are one of the many people who cannot wait any longer to file for divorce, it is certainly possible to take the first step on the path to the next stage of your life. You do not have to wait until the holidays are over if you do not want to.

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