Do First-Time Shoplifters Go to Jail?

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Understanding Legal Defense For Shoplifting

Shoplifting, also referred to as retail fraud or larceny, can mean jail time — even if it's a first-time offense. Under Michigan shoplifting laws, the penalties depend on how much the property that you stole is valued. The value and other circumstances place the theft into one of two categories: felony or misdemeanor. Read on to learn more about what to do after a shoplifting arrest.

How to Handle a Shoplifting Arrest

No matter what classification (felony or misdemeanor) of the retail fraud offense you've been charged with, you could be facing jail time and fines — so it is critical to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. It's vital to have a good legal defense team in your corner for the best chance of a positive outcome. In the meantime, don't speak to the police or admit to the charges without your lawyer's presence.

Civil Suits for Retail Fraud

A merchant could pursue damages and penalties related to an act of retail fraud. They may be entitled to damages equal to the retail price of goods not recovered in sellable condition. They may also be eligible for damages of up to ten times the stolen goods' retail value.

Charged with a Shoplifting Offense? We Are Here For You.

Being charged with a shoplifting offense, especially for the first time, is a scary situation. When facing jail time and fines, it can make it that much more frightening. When it comes to fighting a shoplifting offense, our experienced lawyers are on your side every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

At Grewal Law PLLC, our team brings over a decade of handling retail fraud cases. We are here to defend your rights and help you navigate the legal system so you can rest assured that we have your best interest in mind.

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