Shoplifting Statute of Limitations in Michigan

Image of man in a store, hiding a product in a box under his jacket.

Retail Fraud and Michigan Statute of Limitations

In Michigan, state prosecutors have time constraints to file criminal charges, referred to as the statute of limitations. The time restrictions are essentially in place to ensure that the evidence, whether physical evidence or witness testimony, is recent enough and can be used in a trial. Under Michigan laws, the statute of limitations depends on the severity of your crime. For example, murder has no time limit for a criminal prosecution, whereas shoplifting has a limit of six years. Here’s what you need to know.

What Happens if You Leave A Store Without Getting Caught?

If you made it out of a store after stealing merchandise and didn’t get caught, it doesn’t mean you won’t be charged with shoplifting after the incident. Keep in mind that most retailers have security cameras inside their stores, and you could be arrested and charged days or weeks later through video recordings.

What If Police Contact You?

If a police officer contacts you about the incident or asks you to discuss the matter at the police station, it’s critical to tell the officer that you won’t answer any questions without a lawyer present. If you answer questions without legal representation, anything you say can result in your arrest and be used against you in court. After requesting a lawyer, authorities can no longer pursue questioning.

Charged with a Shoplifting Offense? Grewal Law PLLC Can Help

After a shoplifting arrest, not knowing what to do can make the experience more stressful and scary. However, when you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, it could help ease your fears and burdens that come along with being accused of shoplifting.

At Grewal Law PLLC, our team brings over a decade of handling retail fraud cases. We’ll defend your rights so you can rest assured that we are fighting for the best possible outcome in your case and your best interests.

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