Who Has The Right-of-Way at a 4-Way Stop?

Intersection light

Four-way stops can be tricky when another driver simultaneously arrives at the stop sign. Although we’d like to give you a simple answer, there are multiple depending on your situation. Whether you’re a new driver learning the rules of the road or a seasoned driver in need of a refresher, this blog can help you get insight into who has the right of way at a four-way stop.

4-Way Stop

The rule is that the first car that arrives at the stop sign will always have the right of way. If both drivers turn right or go straight, they can continue forward. However, things change when you arrive at a stop sign simultaneously as someone else from a different direction. The drivers should always yield to the car on their right in this situation.

When a car is turning right and the other is turning left, the car making the right turn has the right of way. If one driver is signaling to prepare to make a turn and one isn’t, the driver who is going straight has the right of way.

Left turns are simpler. If both drivers are taking a left, they can proceed so at the same time as long as it’s safe within the intersection. If multiple cars arrive at the same, use your best judgment and try to wait for the more aggressive driver to make the first move, then proceed normally. Make sure you’re patient and alert when approaching a four-way stop.

Were You In a 4-Way Stop Accident?

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