Long-Term Effects of Sexual Abuse

Long-Term Effects of Sexual Abuse

The long-term effects of sexual abuse can be devastating and have been found to manifest in a variety of ways. Survivors often struggle with feelings of guilt and shame, potential body image issues, depression, and confusion.

Many find themselves plagued with trust issues and difficulty forming relationships. Research has indicated survivors may also suffer from migraines and other physical ailments stemming from the trauma of the experience.

It is essential for those who have experienced sexual abuse to seek help for their emotional anguish in order to reach a healthier state of psychological recovery. Long-term support is also key for these individuals as it will assist them on the road to recuperation and healing.

Physical Effects of Sexual Abuse

The physical effects of sexual abuse can vary drastically from person to person. Common impacts range from an individual feeling a weakened sense of self to signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. Some victims report physical pain that can't be explained away by any medical diagnosis, while others may experience a lasting impact on their intimate lives and relationships.

Many people recall experiencing an intense sense of anxiety and fear after the abuse; often, they need time and support to regain personal control over their lives in order to put the trauma behind them. Thankfully, wherever one is on their journey with healing from the physical effects of sexual abuse, there are mental health professionals, support groups, and organizations dedicated to providing long-term assistance for survivors.

Emotional Effects of Sexual Abuse

The emotional effects of sexual abuse can last for decades, if not a lifetime, and can have devastating consequences on an individual's sense of self-worth and wellbeing. Victims of sexual abuse often experience intense feelings of shame, guilt, and fear that interfere with their ability to form relationships and succeed in everyday living.

The trauma caused by the experience can lead to deep psychological wounds that lead to various anxiety and mood disorders like depression and PTSD. Cognitive distortions such as believing one is undeserving or to blame for the abuse may also occur.

It is important for survivors of sexual abuse to access help promptly so they can begin healing from the trauma associated with this indescribable tragedy.

Psychological Effects of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can have profound and long-lasting psychological effects. Many survivors experience feelings of shame and inadequacy, along with heightened anxieties and depression. Survivor's sense of self-worth can be severely diminished, leaving them vulnerable to further abuse, struggling to trust those closest to them, unable to seek help or support.

Such psychological impacts can significantly inhibit the survivor's ability to pursue healthy relationships and their overall mental wellbeing. It is important that survivors are made aware of their right to heal and of resources available in order to foster an understanding that they are not alone in their struggles.

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