Illinois Physician Fabio Ortega Facing Civil Lawsuit

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Former Illinois gynecologist, Fabio Ortega, and Endeavor Health, formerly NorthShore University Health System, are facing multiple civil lawsuits for alleged sexual abuse and the system’s lack of action.

Ortega, now a registered sex-offender, had his license revoked in 2018 due to sexual misconduct and was convicted of two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in October 2021. He was sentenced to three years prison and was released on parole after one year.

The former physician and the hospital system have been subject to many civil claims, including a 2023 lawsuit that was settled for $35 million dollars after Ortega’s misconduct resulted in life-altering injuries to the patient’s baby during childbirth.

A lawsuit filed in March 2024 alleges that Endeavor’s failure to investigate complaints of Ortega’s sexual assault and misconduct and the lack of subsequent disciplinary action allowed Ortega to abuse over 300 patients for over three decades at various locations within the Endeavor system, including NorthShore and Swedish Covenant Hospital.

The plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe 300, claims that Ortega sexually abused her during two different appointments in 2017 while he was actively under police investigation for sexual abuse, which Endeavor concealed from her and other patients.

According to the lawsuit, Endeavor allowed Ortega to continue practicing medicine and treating patients despite multiple reports of sexual abuse and a criminal investigation.

The lawsuit alleges Ortega has been accused of abuse including, but not limited to, inappropriate sexual questions and comments, medically unnecessary touching and examinations including vaginal penetration without gloves.

Many of his victims, who were allegedly targeted might not have been familiar with medical standards and practices, were only able to classify their own experiences with Ortega as abuse after reading the news.

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