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Once a piece of property that is up for sale receives an offer from a potential buyer, a purchase agreement will need to be drawn up as a legal contract between the buyer and seller. If you are selling the property, it will be your obligation to have the purchase agreement drawn up.

In contrast, if you are the one making the purchase of a piece of property, then the seller will present you with an agreement. The agreement will include a complete description of the property and all the terms of the sale. Once both the buyer and seller sign the documents, it is legally binding except in cases of fraud.

At Grewal Law PLLC, our experienced purchase agreement lawyers are equipped to draft or review any real estate purchase agreements. It is important to have legal counsel draw up these documents or to review one you have been presented with during a transaction to ensure everything is done according to Michigan law. From residential to commercial properties, it is imperative to have skilled legal counsel to help you through this process.

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Legal Assistance for Land Purchase Agreements

Real estate purchase agreements are complex documents. They include a lot of technical information from zoning laws to financing information. Real estate agents do not always understand all the legal aspects surrounding a piece of property and may not catch an issue that could lead to delays in the purchasing process.

While working as your real estate attorneys we will conduct thorough legal research on the property to ensure there are no legal complications that may come up during the transaction.

The types of complications sometimes uncovered include:

  • Foreclosures
  • Liens against the property
  • Problems with zoning laws
  • Any probate proceedings related to the property

In addition, we can research to see if the real estate will be impacted by eminent domain in the near future. We will ensure all disclosures regarding the property are outlined in the purchase agreement to protect you as the buyer or as the seller.

Purchase Agreements for Condominiums & HOA Homes

Depending on the type of property you are purchasing, there may be additional ordinances or rules which impact its use. For instance, condominiums typically have homeowners’ associations with rules and regulations impacting how you can use the property. As your Michigan purchase agreement attorneys, we will research the association’s covenant (contract) and will outline with you how the purchase of the property may be impacted by its rules. If you are buying a condo, contact us today to ensure you are comfortable with the association’s rules and how they will impact you as an owner.

Even if a document has already been drawn up for a piece of property you are buying or selling, our attorneys are skilled in reviewing every real estate agreements. Our team will review all documentation to ensure you will not have any unforeseen problems with the purchase or sale of the property. There are a lot of issues a real estate agent is not able to handle for you, so it is important to have the knowledge of an experienced lawyer to help with your transaction.

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Our skilled real estate legal team will guide you throughout the development of a purchase agreement when selling a property or through the complete analysis of a land purchase agreement given to you when buying a piece of property.

It is important to have legal counsel when reviewing these documents to guarantee there has been full disclosure related to the property and that no fraudulent acts are being conducted as a part of the real estate transaction. Call our real estate attorneys today for assistance with your purchase agreements. We assist clients throughout the state of Michigan.

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