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Handling real estate matters can be overwhelming. Our legal team at Grewal Law PLLC is ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs. We are able to help you handle everything in the real estate transaction and modification process, from drawing up land contracts to reviewing deeds. Our team also includes a licensed real estate broker who can help handle your case.

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Types of Real Estate Matters We Can Handle

Short Sales in Michigan

A short sale is when your bank or mortgage holder allows you to sell your home for less than the balance on the mortgage. The lender agrees to accept whatever purchase price is received and will count the reduced amount as full payment for the remaining mortgage balance.

If you live in Michigan and are facing a possible foreclosure on your home, a short sale may offer an alternative for your family. Our team can provide you with sound mortgage advice to help you weigh the pros and cons of a short sale and determine the best course of action for your property.

Land Contracts

Sometimes, when you are selling a property, you may need to consider a land contract. As the seller of a property, you enter into a contract directly with the person making the purchase. With a land contract, you provide the financing for the buyer who agrees to repay the loan in installments to pay for the home’s purchase price. Understanding land contract homes can be overwhelming, however, and as your Michigan real estate attorneys, we can help you decide if a land contract is right for you.

Purchase Agreements

After an offer is accepted by a seller, a purchase agreement will need to be drawn up as a legal contract between the seller and the person buying the property. If you are the person selling the property, you will need to have an agreement drawn up. On the other hand, if you are buying the property, you will be given an agreement to review. The agreement is a legally binding document, so it is important to have one reviewed or drawn up by an experienced real estate attorney.


Deeds are issued whenever a piece of property is transferred in Michigan. While working as your legal counsel we can help you understand the differences between quitclaim deeds, warranty deeds, and covenant deeds. In addition to understanding these different types of deeds, we can handle the required documentation with your local municipality to legally file the deed.


Facing financial problems can be especially overwhelming when receiving a foreclosure notice from your lender. A foreclosure gives your bank or mortgage company the right to sell your property to pay off the balance on the loan that has gone into default. Under Michigan law, there are required notifications the lender must provide to you, including information on programs to help you avoid a foreclosure. Contact Grewal Law PLLC to help you better understand your financial situation and to help you through the foreclosure process.

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If you are faced with handling any of these real estate transactions, contact Grewal Law PLLC to help you. Our Michigan real estate attorneys are able to handle all of the paperwork for the various documents, and we are ready to handle negotiations with buyers or lenders when facing various property issues.

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