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Michigan State University and the ongoing Larry Nassar Investigation

As lawyers representing more than 100 survivors in this litigation, we are now renewing our request for assistance in obtaining evidence and information related to Nassar’s conduct and MSU’s response or lack thereof.

Nassar has pleaded guilty to a number of state and federal criminal charges and has now been sentenced, but the fight for justice has just begun. He has been sentenced to 60 years on the federal charges and 40-170 years on state charges. He has not raised any defenses on his own behalf in the civil suits, which contain allegations spanning over 20 years and involving not just MSU, but Twistars and USA Gymnastics.

We believe many people know of the facts and circumstances surrounding what occurred and how Nassar obtained access to children for two decades. If you would like to informally talk, please reach out. Help these girls and women find justice. Spartans will….what? According to the administration, they will NOT do an investigation. What will all the other Spartans do? Spartans who want the truth, share your stories.

An army of survivors has said “time’s up” to Larry Nassar and enablers of sexual abuse. You’re not alone. Find out how we are helping survivors fight for justice and accountability. Contact us for a free confidential consultation.

If you are a survivor/victim in this case or in any other case of sexual assault on a college or university campus call us for help today.

We will stand with you and will fight for you so that your story is heard and your rights are protected.

We Can Help

Experiencing a sexual assault is life-changing. The way you view the world will never be the same. The legal team at Church Wyble wants to help you take back your life. We want to begin the healing process by helping you navigate the judicial system. As a victim of sexual abuse oncampus, you deserve justice.

Hire an experienced firm who understands how a claim is filed and how the case proceeds through the judicial process. We can also help connect you to resources that will help you throughout the recovery process including counseling and support groups.

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