Sexual Abusers Are Likely to Abuse Again

Did you know that those who are guilty of sexual abuse are more likely to abuse again?

Unfortunately, this is something that happens to countless survivors. But there is a solution¾you.  Sometimes all that is needed is one survivor with a voice.

Many of those who abuse again are likely to do so because they’ve gotten away with it before. They may not have faced the criminal or civil justice system because of the survivors’ unwillingness to speak out about the pain and suffering they’ve experienced.

While we understand how traumatic the event can be and how difficult it can be to speak out about something so personal, taking a stand can help prevent others from experiencing the same fate. Our team at Grewal Law can help you put a stop to abusers so they can’t hurt anyone ever again.

Why Sexual Abusers are Habitual Offenders

Sexual abusers are not often held accountable. This means that they’re not only getting away with the act they’ve perpetrated against you, but they’re left feeling like they can get away with it again and again. Therefore, many of them do just that.

What You Can Do to Stop It

Justice. This is a term that is often thrown around in the legal world, but how many people truly hold it as a priority? Justice for the survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse is more than just getting money for the physical and mental damages they’ve sustained.

By taking legal action and holding your abuser accountable, you are taking a stand and saying that these actions will not be tolerated. You’re holding an institution fully accountable for their actions, which can mean criminal charges along with the civil matters involved.

Our Michigan sexual abuse attorneys recognize the difficult time you’re experiencing, and we want to help. With Grewal Law on your side, you can feel confident knowing that our team is ready to guide you through whatever complexities may lie ahead and put your best interests above all else.

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