Helping Fathers Cope with Divorce

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It can be incredibly difficult for fathers to go through the divorce process and witness the demise of their marriage and face the possibility of seeing their children less than they do now.

Below, our Michigan family law attorneys provide some tips to help fathers cope with divorce.

Remain Connected to Your Children

It is rare for fathers to get full custody of the kids after a divorce. This is because most courts want both parents to share custody of children so the children can maintain healthy relationships with both parents. The only situation in which one parent may receive full custody is if staying with one parent poses a risk of abuse or neglect to the children.

As such, it is likely that you will see your children less often after the divorce than before. So, it’s important for you to make an effort to remain connected to your children—physically and emotionally.

Work with your ex-spouse (or the court) to come up with a fair parenting plan that gives you ample time with the children. Do not move too far away from the children so it is not difficult for you to spend time with them. Connect with the kids frequently over phone calls, video chats, or e-mails so you have a constant presence in their lives.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Father

As the legal father of your children, you have the right to visit them and make decisions regarding their upbringing. To that end, you may also have the legal responsibility to pay child support. Our Michigan family law attorneys can help you understand what you may be responsible to pay for, and can also help you adjust any parenting plans already in place.

If you need help establishing a parenting plan or modifying an existing one, our team at Grewal Law PLLC can provide the sophisticated, experienced legal guidance you need.

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