Why January Is Known As “Divorce Month”

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Getting a Fresh Start

Ringing in the New Year for many means kicking old bad habits and forming new and good ones. For others, it means embarking on a new hobby or doing something they’ve never done before. However, for some married people who may be in an unhealthy marriage, the new year can mean leaving married life behind and starting a new life without their spouse.

There are many reasons why couples decide to split, but why does January see an increase in people looking for a divorce?

Is January a Good Time to Begin Your Divorce?

The answer to this question is not black and white. While there is never a “good time” to begin a divorce, there is a “right time” for each individual. Deciding to file for divorce is difficult. However, being ready to start the process can lessen the stress. Since January is often synonymous with New Year’s resolutions and getting a new lease on life, it may be easier for people to mentally prepare for a divorce after the holidays are over. If couples have children, it may be challenging to end a marriage during the holiday season. They may not want to disrupt a child’s routine or break holiday traditions — thus waiting until January to begin the process.

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What to Do When You’re Ready to Start Your Divorce

When you are ready to start your divorce, here are some basic steps to take:

  • File a divorce petition
  • Serve the divorce petition
  • Wait for the spouse’s response to the divorce petition (this will determine a contested or uncontested divorce).
  • Disclosure of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses

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While many people may opt for a DIY divorce, it’s not recommended as divorce law is highly complex. When children, property, and assets are involved, it can be complicated to navigate without any legal experience or knowledge of the law. Having a divorce lawyer get you through your divorce is critical to ensuring your rights are protected, and your divorce ends fairly.

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