Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce: What’s the Difference?

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Understanding The Types of Divorce

Whether the split is amicable or contentious, divorce isn’t easy. However, one may be a smoother road than the other out of the two types of divorce — contested and uncontested. Here’s what you need to know.

Is an Uncontested Divorce Easier?

“Easier” doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be difficulties or challenges that arise when it comes to an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties agree to the divorce and terms of the split. For example, both parties agree on how much spousal support will be given, how much child support will be necessary, and which assets each spouse gets to keep. However, each spouse can still feel the same emotions as those going through a contested divorce. The only difference is that an uncontested divorce makes the process go a little smoother when both parties are on the same page.

The Difficulties of a Contested Divorce

When one spouse does not want a divorce or won’t agree to the terms, the divorce is considered contested. A contested divorce is often a bumpy road. However, getting discouraged when battling a contested divorce could mean settling for less than you are entitled to, just to get it over with. When it comes to splitting assets and other contentious issues that come along with divorce, it’s critical to keep a clear head and speak to your attorney to learn your full rights.

When you have legal representation and an attorney in your corner protecting your rights, a contested divorce can be ironed out, and terms met.

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When you file for a divorce, and your ex-spouse isn’t on board, it can make an already disheartening and painful experience much more difficult. Know that help is available, and our experienced divorce lawyers can help you navigate the process of a contested divorce. Learn your legal rights.

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