What Not to Do in a Custody Battle

mother and son

Child custody matters can be one of the most difficult times for parents, and it can bring forth a multitude of emotions for the parties involved. It is often hard in the moment to sort through those emotions and think logically. Here are three things that you should never do if you find yourself in the midst of a custody battle.

Do Not Vent Your Frustrations on Social Media

It may seem therapeutic to post your thoughts on social media about the other parent or how you are feeling, but it is extremely important to remember that anything you put on social media can come back to bite you. Pictures and written posts can and will be used against you in court if you are running to social media every time you get into a disagreement with the other parent.

Do Not Talk Negatively About the Other Parent in Front of the Child(ren)

Your child(ren) is already going through enough with their parents splitting up. What they do not need is to be put in the middle. Keep your thoughts about the other parent to yourself! You are entitled to think whatever you want about the other parent, but what you cannot do is disparage the other parent in front of your child(ren) and tarnish your child’s view of the other parent. Judges do not take such behavior lightly. Filling your child(ren)’s head with negative thoughts about the other parent is only going to harm your case.

Do Not Refuse Visitation to the Other Parent

It never looks good in front of a judge if you are refusing to allow your child(ren) to see the other parent. Unless you have a court order stating otherwise or you believe that the other parent poses an immediate danger to your child(ren), don’t refuse parenting time to the other parent. It’s important to never use your child(ren) as a weapon to hurt the other parent. As angry or as frustrated as you may be, don’t force your child(ren) to suffer the consequences.

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