University of Michigan Physician Accused of Sexual Abuse

University of Michigan Physician Accused of Sexual Abuse

Sexual assault attorney Mick Grewal discusses allegations of sexual abuse by student and sports team physician Robert E. Anderson, and how U of M may have failed to protect students after learning of allegations.

“Disturbing and very serious” sexual abuse allegations have been made against former University of Michigan football team physician, Robert E. Anderson, who had also worked at student health services, rising to the level of Director of University Health Service.

One person who claims he was abused by Anderson, author Robert Julian Stone, told U of M officials, police, and reporters that in 1971, when Stone was an undergraduate student at U of M, Anderson dropped his pants while examining him, and then grabbed Stone’s hand to fondle his (Anderson’s) genitals.

Allegations against Anderson involve sexual misconduct and unnecessary medical exams, with one woman claiming in a 1995 lawsuit that Anderson fondled her breasts and gave her a vaginal exam for an examination that her workplace had required. According to the suit, this woman’s co-workers informed her that breast and vaginal exams were not part of the exam required for employment.

Stone sent an essay to U of M officials last summer. The essay detailed Anderson’s alleged sexual abuse of Stone. Stone told reporters that after U of M officials read his essay, they informed him that they were reviewing his case, along with the cases of “many other victims” who have claimed that Anderson abused them.

UM Officials May Have Been Aware of Sex Abuse Allegations

Stone also reported that a U of M police detective, Detective West, told him that U of M had become aware of sexual abuse allegations against Anderson years ago, which prompted them to move him from his post at student health services to a post as the team physician for U of M athletes.

“I didn’t know that he continued molesting people at the Health Service,” Stone told a reporter for The Detroit News. “And then because they (UM) had that problem, they transferred him over to make him the team physician at Michigan. I didn’t know any of that.”

Stone told the reporter that he spoke on the phone with Detective West 3 times, and that during other conversations, West told Stone that there were many other cases involving Anderson sexually abusing people. He also reportedly told Stone that the alleged sexual assault of athletes included unnecessary and inappropriate rectal examinations. West referred to Anderson as a monster, according to Stone.

Stone told the reporter that he is going public with his story in hopes of encouraging other victims to speak up and reveal the truth about the extent of sexual abuse of men.

U of M president, Mark Schlissel, made the following statement last week: “The allegations that were reported are disturbing and very serious. We promptly began a police investigation and cooperated fully with the prosecutor’s office.”

U of M officials, however, did not publicly ask Anderson’s victims to come forward until after the University was contacted by The Detroit News about the alleged abuse. When asked about this delay, U of M spokesperson Rick Fitzgerald said, “The University took this action based on receipt of an initial review by the external law firm and the prosecutor’s decision Tuesday.”

The Washtenaw County prosecutor’s office stated that no criminal prosecution of Anderson would be possible since he is deceased.

Anyone with information regarding possible misconduct by Anderson should call Grewal Law: (888) 211-5798.

Filing a Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Assault

It is possible to file a civil suit against any individual, business or corporation that allowed Anderson’s sexual abuse to occur. If the University of Michigan knew of sexual misconduct allegations against Anderson and did not take steps to protect its students – and any potential patient of his – the University should be held accountable.

The nationally recognized sexual assault attorneys at Grewal Law have been fighting for the rights of victims for decades, and they have made it their mission to hold sexual abusers accountable – and to stop institutional involvement in sexual abuse. The Grewal team has unique experience in holding companies and corporations accountable for allowing sexual abuse to occur.

Dedicated Representation in Sex Abuse Claims

Grewal Law represented a third of the plaintiffs in the MSU and Larry Nassar lawsuits, and the Grewal team was instrumental in obtaining the half a billion-dollar settlement from MSU. Currently, the award-winning lawyers at Grewal Law are fighting to hold USAG and USOC accountable for its role in allowing Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse to occur. Our attorneys at Grewal Law understand what it takes to prevail against sexual predators and the companies that allow their sexual misconduct to occur.

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