Michigan State University Football Coach Mel Tucker Accused of Sexually Harassing Rape Survivor

Michigan State University

According to reports, Michigan State University Head Football Coach, Mel Tucker, has been accused of sexually harassing Brenda Tracy, a sexual assault victim advocate and survivor.

First reported by USA Today, the report alleges that on or around April 28, 2022, Mr. Tucker made sexually explicit comments while masturbating during a phone call with Ms. Tracy.

According to various outlets, Ms. Tracy filed a Title IX complaint in December of 2022 through MSU’s Title IX department. The Title IX department then began its investigation into Ms. Tracy’s complaints. Pursuant to reports, Mr. Tucker admitted to some of the conduct alleged by Ms. Tracy. However, Mr. Tucker claims this conduct was consensual.

Pursuant to the media reports, the investigation into Ms. Tracy’s claims concluded in July of 2023. Mr. Tucker coached the first two regular season games of the 2023 football season. Mr. Tucker was subsequently suspended, without pay, within hours of the news story breaking.

Brenda Tracy, a well-known and respected sexual assault advocate, is a sexual assault survivor herself. Ms. Tracy was raped by multiple college football players in 1998. Ms. Tracy has dedicated her life since the horrific abuse she endured to advocating for victims of sexual assault and working with universities, in particular student-athletes, to tell her story working to change the culture that led to her abuse.

Ms. Tracy was brought to MSU to tell her story to the MSU football team and continue her advocacy for survivors and obtaining affirmative consent before engaging in sexual acts. According to reports, Ms. Tracy had two trips to MSU, one speaking to the players, and again to be an honorary co-captain for the 2022 MSU spring game.

A hearing has been set for October 5 and 6 of 2023 to determine if MSU will terminate Mr. Tucker’s $95 million contract.

Grewal Law PLLC has and will continue to fight for survivors’ rights to be heard and justice to be served. We have represented countless survivors in their battle for justice against universities and individuals in power.

If you are a sexual assault survivor who has been silenced or an athletic program has been chosen over your experience, feelings, and livelihood, call our firm.

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