Juvenile Assault

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A young person who is under suspicion for an assault crime needs an experienced defense team working on his or her behalf. Law enforcement and prosecutors take a variety of factors into consideration when moving forward with charges related to violent juvenile crimes.

While defending a young person, the legal team at Grewal Law PLLC will fight for his or her future. Our lawyers will advocate for alternative sentencing, rehab programs, probation and other options compared to severe penalties prosecutors may want imposed.

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Assault and Violent Crimes in Michigan

The legal counsel at Grewal Law PLLC has the experience handling an array of violent assault cases. From charges related to violent acts in school to a fight with another young person, our attorneys want to hear your child’s side of the story to help build his or her defense. We understand the circumstances surrounding every case are unique and that every youth deserves to have good representation fighting to protect his or her rights.

Understanding Assault & Battery Charges

Violent crimes such as assault and battery can result in serious penalties for a conviction. Assault and battery charges are brought against someone when he or she has attempted to cause physical injury (assault) resulting in actual contact such as hitting someone (battery). A juvenile facing assault charges could be charged as an adult depending on the nature of the physical violence. Our Michigan assault defense attorneys are ready to build a defense for a young person being accused of this serious crime.

Reach out to our team right away to begin work in a case. We will fight to protect a young person from overzealous prosecutors who may attempt to have a juvenile charged as an adult. Our lawyers will work to protect your child’s future and will aggressively fight for him or her.

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Sentences for Juvenile Assault Crimes

The state offers alternative sentencing programs for young people to protect them from having something on their permanent record. These programs often keep young people from spending time in jail too.

While serving as the legal counsel in your case we will fight for these alternative sentencing options including probation, community service or participation in other options through the Juvenile Justice Program. As legal counsel for a juvenile, we will demonstrate reasons why a young person should have the opportunities offered by alternative sentencing.

Approaches to Defense

We want to ensure a young person has the chance to have his or her side of the story heard. Our lawyers know every person is innocent until proven guilty and we will fight to ensure a young person is not wrongfully convicted. We will thoroughly examine any evidence being used against a young person to build his or her defense. Do not waste time, call our team at Grewal Law PLLC right away to assist throughout the entire legal process.

Experienced Juvenile Assault Defense

Grewal Law PLLC has the experience needed to defend any juvenile against assault charges. Our aggressive defense team will fight for a young person’s chance to alternative sentencing options that will protect his or her future. The juvenile assault criminal defense attorneys at our firm will work towards reaching the best possible outcome in a case.

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