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Even if an offender is underage, drug crimes in Michigan are taken extremely seriously. Since the state takes such a tough stance on this branch of the law, prosecution is aggressively pursued and anybody charged with drug-related offenses faces potentially severe penalties.

In certain circumstances, juveniles are even vulnerable to being tried and sentenced as an adult.

If your child has been accused of the possession of or dealing in an illegal substance, it is essential that you seek a firm of experienced and dependable defense attorneys. The litigators at Grewal Law PLLC have been handling juvenile drug cases for decades and will aggressively fight your child’s charges.

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The Nature of Juvenile Drug Offenses

Juvenile drug crimes comprise a wide range of offenses, including but not limited to the following:

  • Illegal possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Trafficking and distribution
  • Cultivation
  • Drug manufacturing

The Penalties for Juvenile Drug Offenses

The extent of criminal penalties enforced will turn on the facts of each case, including the type and quantity of drug involved and, of course, the offense in question. Depending on the circumstances, imprisonment, fines, and a permanent criminal record are all on the cards. With the right legal backing, however, these might be reduced to alternative sentencing for juveniles, such as counseling, community service, probation, or rehabilitation.

Selling to minors, dealing, manufacture, or cultivation are likely to attract harsher penalties than possession. In addition, if the alleged offender is soon to be 17, or the type or amount of narcotic warrants a more serious outcome, these will all be aggravating factors likely to increase the severity of the penalties and the chance of the crime being treated as an adult offense.

By way of example, possession of over 1kg of cocaine could incur a fine of up to $1 million and life in jail.

Reliable Juvenile Offense Attorneys in Michigan

The impact these charges can have on an adolescent are significant and can put your child’s future in jeopardy. Examples of drug offense collateral damage that can last long into adult life include difficulties securing a job and financial loans, as well as potential ineligibility for firearms and licenses.

The Michigan juvenile criminal defense lawyers at Grewal Law PLLC will skillfully defend your child’s case with a view to exonerating them completely, or at least minimizing any penalties imposed. From investigating the legality of search and seizure operations to reducing a felony to a misdemeanor charge, we know how to apply the statutes constructively, exploit any technical loopholes in the system and ultimately bring your child the justice they deserve.

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