Juvenile Shoplifting

Shoplifting by a Juvenile in Michigan

Michigan Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorneys

Whether you are facing charges of juvenile shoplifting in Michigan or are the parent or guardian of a juvenile in this position, it is imperative to contact a first-rate law firm to deal with the allegations. Despite what some people may believe, these charges are not trivial and can incur serious and life-changing consequences, regardless of the age of those convicted.

The criminal defense attorneys at Grewal Law PLLC specialize in advising clients on these common cases and defending juvenile shoplifting charges with great success. The strategies and negotiation tactics we use have been shaped over years of experience dealing with judges and prosecution in this field.

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Juvenile Shoplifting Charges

Juvenile retail fraud charges will effectively apply in the event that anybody under the age of 17 steals goods from a store or misrepresents the price of an item for sale with the intent to avoid paying its full price. So, for example, switching the price tags on merchandise would be captured by the definition.

Juvenile Retail Fraud Penalties

Juvenile courts have great leeway in deciding upon the appropriate penalty to issue in juvenile shoplifting cases. Penalties may vary widely and can include release with a warning, probation, counseling, or participation in a diversion program. Major fines, juvenile detention and jail time are also possibilities, as are orders to pay restitution to the owner of the goods equivalent to the value of property shoplifted.

Where the value of goods stolen or difference in price of goods misrepresented lies between $200 and $1,000, or is less than $200, it will constitute a second or third-degree misdemeanor offense respectively.

If, however, the value or price difference of the goods exceeds $1,000, the crime is considered a felony and attracts harsher penalties and occasionally even adult sentencing. Having a previous criminal history or nearing the age of 17 are other factors which may also exacerbate the punishment handed down.

Unrivaled Juvenile Retail Fraud Defense Lawyers

To successfully defend against these serious charges, you need the representation of competent Michigan juvenile defense attorneys.

The team at Grewal Law PLLC knows how to represent your best interests and take advantage of the often discretionary nature of juvenile shoplifting penalties.

Our invaluable experience defending shoplifting charges in Michigan juvenile courts stands you in good stead for the best possible result. Our attorneys will fight to do everything they can to protect you or your child from disproportionate penalties or an erroneous guilty verdict.

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