Juvenile Court Penalties

Juvenile Court Penalties in Michigan

Michigan Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorneys

For the purposes of the Michigan criminal justice system, anyone under the age of 17 is a juvenile. The vast majority of youth cases will be tried in juvenile courts, which are a special subset of the Michigan family courts.

Occasionally, however, serious juvenile offenses will be escalated to and tried in adult courts.

Unfortunately, the stigma attached to juvenile convictions can endure and carry extremely negative connotations long into adulthood, on both a personal and professional level.

Hiring top-quality legal representation can help you or your child overcome this burden so that you or they can go on to live a fulfilling, productive and conviction-free life.

Grewal Law PLLC will improve your chance of making this a reality and avoiding a detrimental outcome. Our Michigan criminal defense attorneys have the experience, compassion, and sensitivity to deal with juvenile cases and our track record in this area speaks for itself.

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The Range of Juvenile Court Penalties

Juveniles charged with an offense face one of several possible outcomes during the case management phase:

  • Case dismissal. This is the best outcome, resulting in an outright discharge of the case without trial and without any conviction being entered in the records.
  • Referral to counseling under the Juvenile Diversion Act. Referrals such as these require the consent of the youth.
  • Placement on the Juvenile Consent Calendar. This diversion from the criminal courts involves informal court supervision of various conditions set by a judge and avoids both trial and a criminal record.
  • Placement on the formal calendar. Short of being charged as an adult, this is the worst case scenario and results in charges proceeding against the youth and the imposition of corresponding penalties. The adolescent will also bear a criminal conviction, potentially well beyond the coming of age.

Reliable Juvenile Offense Attorneys in Michigan

Whether your case involves theft, drug or sex crimes, or other violent or non-violent offenses, juveniles are still afforded the right to an attorney, the right to confront and call witnesses, the right to remain silent, as well as the right to testify.

The attorneys at Grewal Law PLLC understand how best to use these rights to your advantage and always offer astute, practical and accessible advice.

Our skilled Michigan juvenile criminal defense lawyers appreciate the unique challenges and legal issues posed by juvenile cases and are well-versed in assisting adolescents in defending their rights and protecting their futures.

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