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Michigan’s Juvenile Consent Calendar

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Michigan classifies any youth under the age of 17 as a juvenile. Unfortunately, juveniles are not necessarily absolved of criminal responsibility or immune to criminal penalties. Indeed, where the severity of a juvenile offense is sufficiently grave, it may even be treated and sentenced as an adult crime.

Given the damage a criminal record and potential term of imprisonment can do to the mindset, reputation and future opportunities of an adolescent, it is imperative for any young person dealing with juvenile charges to obtain leading legal representation at the outset.

Grewal Law PLLC is passionate about upholding juvenile rights and preventing incrimination, whenever possible, and has decades of experience doing just that.

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What Is the Juvenile Consent Calendar?

When a juvenile appears in court for an initial hearing after having been charged with violating the law, various options are available to the judge as to how it chooses to deal with and progress the case.

One of these options involves transferring the case to a “consent calendar.” This process if entirely confidential and effectively means that, instead of facing formal charges, youths are ordered to participate in a correctional plan.

This will involve complying with specific terms over a set period of time and being monitored and supervised by the court during this period. Provided the juvenile successfully completes the program, the charge brought against them will ultimately be removed from the records.

Getting a juvenile case placed on the consent calendar is infinitely preferable to its more serious alternative, which results in cases being placed on the formal calendar and going to trial. Instead of harsh penalties and a lifelong criminal record, juveniles may be required to compensate victims for their loss, attend counselling or anger management, or undergo community service or rehabilitation.

Who Can Benefit from the Juvenile Consent Calendar?

The consent calendar route is not available to all youths in the criminal justice system. Judges will most often avail themselves of this option in cases that are not trivial enough for outright dismissal but where youths are considered unlikely to re-offend. This means that juvenile consent calendar placement is available for first-time offenders, non-violent crimes, and misdemeanors.

Juvenile Crime Lawyers in Michigan

If you are a juvenile facing criminal charges, or the parents or legal guardian of a youth accused of a delinquent act, it can be an incredibly trying and upsetting time. Grewal Law PLLC’s team of experienced juvenile defense attorneys will advocate on your behalf, helping you navigate the complexities of the Michigan juvenile criminal process and pursue a consent calendar outcome, where this is advantageous.

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