BlackBerry Removes Drunk Driving Apps

The outrage over smart phone applications (“apps”) that allow motorists to bypass drunk-driving checkpoints has reached a critical mass. Last week, in the face of pressure from Congress and state lawmakers, BlackBerry agreed to pull the DUI-avoidance apps from its application marketplace. BlackBerry is owned by Research In Motion (RIM).

While RIM should be commended for their voluntary action, apps that essentially help people engage in illegal activity are still out there. As of today’s date, Apple’s iPhone app store still offers an application that indicates the location of speed traps. Not only does this app allow drivers to feel as if they can speed with impunity, it tempts them to look at their phones while driving.

More service providers should consider removing these dangerous apps. It is only a matter of time until someone is injured or killed because a driver was using his or her phone rather than driving safely.

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