Oh My, What Big Eyes You Have: Don't Follow This Lady Gaga Trend

Lady Gaga fans beware: the quirky singer’s favorite fashion trend could be dangerous to your health. In the “Bad Romance” video Lady Gaga dons the so-called “circle contacts” that give the appearance of extremely widened irises—giving the same creepy doll-like eyes you might see on an anime character. While other fashion trends that Lady Gaga has worn are mostly harmless, (although sometimes tasteless), like going sans pants or wearing lobsters on her feet, this trend is potentially harmful to your health. In fact, the FDA is now getting involved to stop eager trend-seeking teenagers and young adults from following in Lady Gaga’s fashion footsteps.

According to FDA spokeswoman, Karen Riley, circle contacts are actually dangerous and illegal and present serious risk of significant eye injuries including blindness. The reason that the contacts pose such a hazard is that it’s illegal to sell contacts—either corrective or cosmetic—without a prescription since ill-fitting ones can cut off the oxygen to your eyes.

Despite the risk of suffocating their eyeballs, Gaga fans as well as others are pursuing the anime look and ordering the circle contacts online for $20-$30 a box. The saddest part of the whole scenario is that Lady Gaga’s look in the “Bad Romance” video was most likely digitally created.