12 Alternative Uses for Coffee Filters to Save Money and the Environment

As more people become concerned about the impact they have on the environment and choose to “go green”, it might seem odd to choose to continue throwing more garbage (and money) into the trash can by purchasing paper coffee filters. True, reusable filters or a French press will resolve both problems, but there are still many other uses for paper coffee filters. In fact, I was surprised to come across some of the handy and practical uses for coffee filters—many of which can help you cut other items from your grocery bill. So, for you coffee aficionados, read on for the top 12 suggestions for coffee filters:

  1. Clean windows and mirrors: lets face it, paper towel can be pretty expensive and we usually use more than one sheet to clean up messes. However, use and re-use coffee filters, which are lint-free so they won’t leave behind any residue.
  2. Save a bottle of wine: broke the cork? No problem, just place a filter over a pitcher and pour the wine in.
  3. Line flowerpots: to keep soil from leaking out of the drainage hole, place a filter at the bottom of the pot.
  4. Protect china and non-stick cookware: place a coffee filter between dishes or pans when packing to keep fragile kitchenware from banging together, especially during a move.
  5. Wipe off smudges: coffee filters aren’t just useful to clean off your windows and mirrors; you can also use them in a pinch to clean eyeglasses, camera lenses, televisions, and computer monitors.
  6. Keep your microwave clean: prevent splatters by covering dishes and bowls in the microwave. Using another plate would be your best bet to have the least environmental impact, but coffee filters are a lot better than plastic wrap since they take less time to biodegrade and are also reusable.
  7. Make a spice packet for your soup or stew: tie up bay leaves, parsley, or other herbs in a coffee filter and drop it into your soup or stew pot.
  8. Diffuse the flash on your camera: place a coffee filter over your flash to soften the brightness. Similarly, you can place a coffee filter over a lamp or light to lessen the harshness of direct light while taking indoor photos.
  9. Make sachets: tie lavender or dried flowers in a coffee filter to make a great-smelling sachet for your drawers or closets.
  10. Use for sewing projects: coffee filters make excellent backings for embroidering.
  11. Make tea bags: wrap loose tea in a coffee filter and tie with a string.
  12. Use for storage: wrap ornaments or other fragile items in coffee filters before packing away.

As I already mentioned, there are hundreds of other uses for coffee filters. Try typing in “uses for paper coffee filters” on a Google search and see what tricks you might discover.