Grewal Radio Blog Topic of the Week: Train Accidents & DUI Charges


Our goal here at the Grewal Law PLLC is to write about and discuss topics every week that help our readers gain a better understanding of the topics of the week.

My topic this week is Trains.

Trains were the engine of the industrial revolution and remain relevant today. Trains have a vital role today’s economy as they carry freight and passengers throughout the world. While trains have advanced human civilization in many ways; trains also pose inherent dangers to people and wild life.

Accidents can be deadly as trains truly meet the definition of “heavy metal.” Few survive close encounters with a moving train, and those that do are left with a visceral impression of the encounter. Grewal Law recently defended a client who was arrested for operating while intoxicated. The client had been out drinking with friends and then chose to drive home – which was admittedly a mistake and potentially illegal.

The client approached a railway crossing as a train passed by, and slowly crashed into the broadside of a moving train. Fortunately, the client was not injured but the damage to the vehicle was substantial. Damage to the train was not confirmed. What an eye opener!?

Grewal Law has had great success on behalf of clients charged with drunk-driving cases.

Here is a tip from Grewal, do not crash your car into a moving train, and do not drink and drive. It is always better to call a sober friend for a lift than to get behind the wheel if you might be intoxicated. If you don’t know your rights, then you’d better call Grewal at (888) 211-5798.

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