What Questions Should I Ask a Divorce Lawyer?

When you decide it’s time to divorce, you want to do all you can to protect your rights through the legal matters. While many couples try to go through a divorce amicably, this is not always possible. If matters become contentious, it’s best to speak with a lawyer about what rights you have. These are just a few of the questions that you want to ask.

How Do I Protect My Property?

Property division is a common part of any divorce. The court will look at the marital property you and your spouse own to determine who gets what after the divorce. Protecting your property means valid documentation to show what you own and what you and your wife own together.

Can I Help My Children Avoid the Court Process?

One thing you want to do during your divorce is to keep your children clear of any contentious matters. You don’t want them to experience any problems you are having in court. Two ways to accomplish this can include mediation to avoid court completely or working with a lawyer to minimize the impact on your children.

What Happens During Relocation?

One spouse may request to relocate after the divorce is final. However, if children are involved, this can be difficult to do. You must go through the court to show that:

· If you are the custodial parent relocating, the relocation is in the best interests of your children;

· If you are the non-custodial parent and your ex-spouse is relocating, that relocation violates your parental rights

If your ex-spouse is trying to relocate with your children, you can ask a lawyer to help you block the relocation or try to gain custody of your children.

What Should I Expect?

When you file for a divorce, you must file the necessary paperwork and then serve the summons to your spouse. From there, you will go through the process. If you go through mediation, you can expect communication with your spouse to determine all factors of a divorce amicably. If you go through a divorce in court, you’ll have a judge make decisions regarding custody, support, and property division.

Any decisions made may be subject to modification in the future.

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