Dam Failures Threaten Water Contamination from Dow Chemical

Flooding at Chemical Complex and Toxic-Cleanup Site Raises Concerns

After a 500-year flooding event in Midland County last month led to two dam failures in Sanford and Edenville, thousands of home and business owners were forced to evacuate the area for their safety. In addition to concerns about the state of Midland County properties, there are now major concerns about toxic water contamination, due to flooding at a local Dow Chemical complex and Superfund toxic-cleanup site.

According to a report in the New York Times, the rising floodwaters breached Dow Chemical’s global headquarters in Midland late on May 20th, encroaching on the containment ponds near the chemical plants. While Dow Chemical insisted that there was no environmental damage or immediate threat to residents because of the flooding, these containment ponds hold brine water used on the site, which could contain traces of toxic chemicals used at the plants.

The floodwaters also passed through a Superfund toxic-cleanup site downriver from Midland. The Superfund cleanup program, administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, was created with the sole purpose of cleaning up contaminated waterways across the country. Because Dow spent years releasing cancer-causing chemicals like dioxin into the Tittabawassee and Saginaw Rivers, the Superfund cleanup site now houses many of the most hazardous and contaminated sediments from Dow Chemical.

It’s still unclear whether the recent flooding event will cause widespread toxic exposure and water contamination in the Midland County area. Nonetheless, residents need to be wary – and ready to take action if these concerns are substantiated.

How Can I Seek Restitution for Flood Damages?

From manufacturers like Dow Chemical to private dam owners like Boyce Hydro, all companies have a responsibility to protect the public from serious health problems and financial losses, and to observe appropriate safety considerations when operating their businesses. While a third-party investigation team is still analyzing what happened in the Midland County dam collapses, Boyce Hydro has a history of failing to maintain its dam infrastructure and violating government safety regulations – which may ultimately make them liable for home and business owners’ losses. If there is water contamination in the wake of this disaster, Dow Chemical and the Superfund regulators may also share some liability for civil losses.

At Grewal Law PLLC, we have deep roots in Michigan and are heartbroken by the recent events that have disrupted so many lives. As a local full-service law firm, we are committed to representing affected residents in insurance claims and civil lawsuits related to the dam collapses. We invite you to reach out to our experienced legal team if you’ve suffered substantial losses in the flood.

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