New Limitations on the Horizon for Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Michigan

Medical Marijuana

The Michigan House of Representatives has introduced a series of bills known as the Michigan Cannabis Safety Act. If passed, these bills—HB 5300, HB 5301, and HB 5302—would update Michigan’s medical marijuana laws and bring sweeping changes to the current laws regarding medical marijuana caregivers.

Currently, caregivers can have up to five qualifying patients, grow up to 72 marijuana plants (12 plants per patient, plus an additional 12 if the caregiver is also a patient), and possess up to 15 ounces of marijuana (2.5 ounces per patient, plus an additional 2.5 ounces if the caregiver is also a patient).

The bills would require caregivers to apply with the state of Michigan for a Specialty Medical Grower (SMG) license, which would only allow for caregivers to assist a single qualified patient. This means that a SMG license holder would only be allowed to grow up to 24 marijuana plants (12 plants for their qualified patient and 12 plants for personal use) and possess a total of 5 ounces of marijuana (2.5 ounces for their qualified patient and 2.5 ounces for personal use). SMG license holders would be closely monitored by the statewide monitoring system already in place, Metrc, that tracks marijuana transactions from seed to sale and collects details such as the date, time, quantity, and price of each sale. Currently, caregivers are not required to test, track or label patient products and are permitted to sell their extra cannabis. The application fee for an SMG license is set at $500.

Those in support of the legislation are concerned with caregiver safety and believe it will ensure all cannabis is tested, labeled, tracked, and licensed. The bills also have major support from the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association, which claims to represent over half of all licensed businesses that produce and grow marijuana in Michigan.

On the other hand, caregivers and their patients feel targeted by this new legislation, with caregivers viewing it as an infringement on their ability to help their patients.

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