The Red Flags Leading to Sexual Assault

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What Are the Warning Signs of Sexual Violence?

Whether a parent, professor, administrator, student, co-worker, or friend, knowing how to spot the warning signs of sexual violence can make a difference in someone's life. Sadly, sexual violence, like other crimes, can occur on college campuses and at locations frequented by college students. Here are some things to look for.

Common Behaviors of Sexual Assault Survivors

Someone who's been subjected a victim of sexual assault may display the following behaviors:

  • Depression
  • Self-harming behaviors (such as cutting themselves)
  • Suicidal behaviors (talking about suicide)
  • Low self-esteem
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Sudden anxiety or worry about situations that never seemed to worry them in the past
  • Avoiding specific situations are places
  • Withdrawal from classes or suddenly have failing grades
  • Increase in drug or alcohol use

Warning Signs Someone Could Be a Victim of Sexual Assault

Sadly, the majority of sexual assaults are committed by someone that the victim knows. Whether it's friends, family, friends or family members, or an abusive partner, they will do whatever they can to cut the victim from their support system. Here are some warning signs that may indicate your loved one could be a victim of sexual assault.

  • Withdrawal from relationships and activities. For example, they're spending less time with friends, quitting sports teams, and dropping out of classes.
  • They complain their partner gives them a hard time when it comes to engaging in social activities or their partner limits their contact with others.
  • They mention their partner is refusing to use safe sex practices such as refusing to wear condoms or not wanting them to use birth control.
  • They complain they are being pressured to do things that make them uncomfortable.
  • They complain their partner is controlling their means of communication such as answering your phone or responding to text messages and intruding on private conversations.
  • They display physical signs of abuse such as unexplained bruises, cuts, or broken bones.

When You're Ready to Speak Out Against Your Perpetrator, We Are Here For You.

Not only do perpetrators face criminal charges, but they can also be held accountable through a civil sexual assault claim. A civil lawsuit can help survivors receive compensation for medical bills, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

We are passionate about advocating for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Know that you are not alone, and we believe you. Let us help you through the difficulties of speaking out against the person who caused you harm. Contact our sexual abuse and assault injury lawyers to learn more about filing a civil claim against your perpetrator and other liable parties.

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