Marijuana Microbusiness

Licensing a Marijuana Microbusiness in Michigan

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Now that Michigan has passed the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act (MRTMA), it is now legal for business owners to apply for a Marijuana Microbusiness License and open a marijuana business of their very own. By allowing residents to grow and sell small amounts of cannabis and cannabis products, the Microbusiness License is an ideal option for new entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to break into the growing recreational marijuana industry in the state.

At Grewal Law PLLC, our cannabis attorneys are committed to helping business owners succeed and participate in the thriving new industry of adult-use marijuana. Whether you’re just considering a Marijuana Microbusiness License or need assistance with the application process, our team can carefully review your business plan and apply years of experience to seek the best possible outcome.

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What is a Marijuana Microbusiness?

A Marijuana Microbusiness License is a new cannabis business license that is exclusive to the adult-use (recreational) marijuana market.

A Marijuana Microbusiness License permits the business to:

  • Cultivate up to 150 plants;
  • Process and create marijuana-infused products from those plants; and
  • Sell marijuana and marijuana-infused products that are produced by the microbusiness to adults age 21 and up

In other words, the microbusiness is a small-scale, vertically-integrated facility. The microbusiness is a unique and interesting opportunity for existing medical caregivers who are looking to transition into the commercial market.

Limitations of a Microbusiness License

The Marijuana Microbusiness License does have some limitations that interested investors and entrepreneurs should be aware of when considering licenses.

These limitations may include:

  • Microbusiness licensees cannot own or have an interest in any other adult-use marijuana business.
  • Microbusinesses cannot sell their marijuana products to any other licensed marijuana business.
  • Microbusinesses cannot purchase marijuana or marijuana-infused products from any other licensed marijuana business.

In other words, microbusinesses are limited to generating revenue exclusively off the products that they produce and sell at retail at their location. That means microbusinesses should ideally seek to operate in locations that do not currently have convenient retail access to marijuana.

If you’re interested in learning more about the application process for an adult-use Microbusiness License, contact the cannabis law attorneys at Grewal Law PLLC. The cannabis market presents a unique investment opportunity to be a part of a newly legalized industry with an already-established customer base. Our Michigan cannabis law division is here to assist you with any questions, and with over 100 years of experience, you can trust that we will provide you with committed counsel and rigorous legal advocacy for your business interests.

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