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Setting up Guardianships & Conservatorships Through Estate Planning

An important part of estate planning is making arrangements for vulnerable loved ones. If you are a parent you need to decide how you want your children cared for when you are gone. In addition, you may need a guardian or conservator at some point for your care or you may be appointed to care for a loved one. If a person becomes disabled or otherwise incapacitated where he or she is unable to make decisions regarding his or her care, then the court may intervene. Depending on the circumstances a guardian or a conservator will be appointed to provide support.

Each arrangement is different and the circumstances leading to the appointment of a guardian or conservator may vary. In most cases, a conservator handles any financial affairs while a guardian handles decisions related to a person’s overall well-being. At Grewal Law PLLC, we are able to draw up either arrangement for you depending on your needs. As your estate planning law firm, we will handle all the paperwork associated with a guardianship or conservatorship arrangement.

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Appointment of a Guardians or Conservators

There may be a time when a person is considered incapable or incompetent in regards to decision making. Under these circumstances, the court will appoint a guardian or conservator to manage his or her affairs. The courts do not take this type of decision lightly and prefer to have the person involved in the decision making if possible. However, in most cases, the person is not able to communicate his or her wishes regarding an arrangement.

Preparing in advance can ensure your wishes are met and that a person you trust will be making decisions for you. Contact our team can help you make plans for having a guardian or conservator appointed to help you in the future. We can also help in cases where you may need to be appointed as the guardian or conservator for someone.

Besides the consideration of a guardian or conservator for yourself, if you are a parent you will want to make plans for your children. The court will appoint someone to care for them if you have not made your wishes known before you pass away. Protect the future of your children by ensuring they are placed with the person you want to raise them in your absence. Grewal Law can help you draw up a guardianship agreement for your children today.

Unlike a guardianship, a conservatorship is often created when a person is competent to make decisions but is physically infirm. In these instances, the person who is assigned to handle responsibilities for the infirm individual is known as the conservator. The individual who is physically infirm is known as the conservatee. Typically, the responsibilities of the conservator revolve around financial decisions, but the court may designate other duties.

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Guardianships and conservatorships can be very difficult for people to talk about with their loved ones. We know these arrangements are sensitive subjects and we will provide personal attention to you and your family throughout the entire legal process.

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