USA Gymnastics Sex Abuse Claims

USA Gymnastics Sex Abuse Claims

Grewal Law is Representing Victims of Gymnastics Sexual Abuse

USA Gymnastics has failed no less than 368 female athletes, mostly minors, who were sexually molested by gym owners, coaches, and staff - such as Larry Nassar - who worked for gymnastics programs across the country. If you or a loved one has been a victim of this abuse, you have a limited time in which to file a claim against USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee from failing to prevent and stop sexual assaults. While USA Gymnastics has filed for bankruptcy, this does not limit its ability to provide compensation to survivors who file a claim.

You have until April 29, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time to file a sexual abuse claim. After that deadline has passed, it will be too late to bring your claim forward.

At Grewal Law PLLC, we offer compassionate and caring legal representation for victims of sexual abuse and assault, as well as their families and loved ones. We work tirelessly to help these brave survivors speak out, obtain compensation and healing, advocate for changes, and prevent tragedies like this from happening again. Our legal team is accessible 24/7, and we can help you discuss your legal options in a free and confidential consultation. Our attorneys have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, and we would be honored to help you demand justice and compensation as well.

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We Know How to Win Your Lawsuit Against USA Gymnastics

Our attorneys represented 1/3 of the survivors who filed lawsuits against Michigan State University for sexual abuse perpetrated by former MSU doctor Larry Nassar. The $500 million dollar settlement was the largest ever against a university for a personal injury claim involving sexual abuse.

Do you have a claim against USA Gymnastics?
Examples of sexual abuse and assault include:

  • Any sexual contact with a child’s body
  • Coercing someone to partake in a sexual act
  • Rape, including statutory rape
  • Committing sexual acts with someone who cannot consent
  • Sexual battery and aggravated sexual assault
  • Inappropriate touching of another person’s body
  • Indecent exposure/exposure of genitals to a child
  • Creating or displaying child pornography
  • Incest and all incestuous acts, regardless of “consent”
  • Using drugs and/or alcohol to sexually assault someone
  • “Grooming” a child or teenager

This list is not exhaustive. Any type of sexual contact or act that occurs without the full, capable consent of two adults is sexual assault. If you have a claim, you can take legal action now to hold the guilty parties accountable and help to put a stop to these crimes for good.

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Our firm has helped many victims of sexual abuse and assault. We understand how difficult it can be to share your story and the immense bravery it takes to speak out against an attacker or perpetrator of sexual abuse. Our sexual abuse and assault lawyers can help you navigate the legal process of filing a civil lawsuit against the liable party.

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