Why Would a Doctor Order an Emergency C-Section?

In many situations, there are errors that can occur during the labor and delivery of a baby. When things go wrong, the doctor must take action to help ease the situation for the mother and baby and to prevent any harm from occurring.

This may mean ordering an emergency cesarean section to deliver the baby in a timely manner. Recognizing some of the reasons a doctor may order an emergency C-section can help mothers understand what needs to be done during delivery and to understand their rights.

Irregular Fetal Heart Rate

When a baby has an irregular heart rate during delivery, it may be necessary to perform a cesarean section to deliver the baby faster than normal. This can prevent significant harm to a baby.

Problems with the Progress of the Labor

Delayed delivery can be a serious problem and many mothers don’t typically recognize that there is an issue with long labors. This can result in problems such as lack of oxygen supply, which could lead to long-term brain function or neurologic problems.

The doctor must ensure that the labor is moving forward, contractions are on par with the timelines, and the mother is able to push and deliver the baby. If not, the doctor must order an emergency C-section to deliver the baby.

What Happens If the Doctor Doesn’t Order an Emergency C-Section?

If the doctor does not take the precautions to order an emergency C-section, the baby can suffer significant harm and be left with lifelong problems. As such, this can be viewed as medical malpractice and those harmed can take action.

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