3 Reasons You Should Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney After a Birth Injury

In 2009, the Healthcare Cost & Utilization Project researched birth injuries that occurred in 2006. In this study, the researchers found that 157,700 injuries to mothers and newborns were potentially avoidable. Unfortunately, due to doctoral negligence and other factors, these mothers and children were injured during childbirth.

It’s sad to think that preventable mistakes injure innocent people, but it’s worse to recognize that many of these cases never went to court. However, Grewal Law is here to tell you why you should talk to a personal injury attorney after a birth injury.

1. An Attorney Can Help You Prepare a Case

You might not be emotionally ready to take your case to court, but talking to a personal injury attorney can help you gather the evidence and information you need to seek justice eventually. Proof of an injury might not last forever, so taking pictures and gathering documents now is crucial for your budding case. If you talk to a personal injury attorney today, you will get the help you need to secure a potential case.

2. An Attorney Is the Only Way to Make Things Right

It’s not fair that a doctor or midwife’s negligence hurt you and your child, and the only way to make things right is to file a birth injury lawsuit against them. The American justice system exists to balance the scales, and Grewal Law exists to help those who are wronged by unjust and unsolicited mistreatment.

3. It’s Free to Talk to Grewal Law

The last and final reason: why wouldn’t you talk to an attorney about your birth injury when consultations are free of charge? It’s always wise to gather information, especially when that information costs you nothing.

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