Can Sexual Conduct & Abuse Occur Over the Internet?

Can Sexual Conduct & Abuse Occur Over the Internet?

Laptops, tablets, and smartphones connect us to family and friends no matter where we are, but that means strangers can contact us at any time of the day. In this blog post, we will determine if predators can sexually abuse survivors over the internet.

The State Standard of Sexual Abuse & Conduct

In Michigan, the Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) laws state there are four degrees of criminal sexual conduct, two involving sexual penetration and two involving sexual contact. While the conduct must be in person to count as an offense under the CSC, coercion for the act may initially occur over the internet.

Therefore, while a criminal act under CSC typically cannot happen over the internet, the web can be the starting point of a CSC case.

Other Forms of Sexual Abuse

While Michigan prosecutors may not criminally charge people for internet communication under the CSC, they can charge people for other acts of sexual violence on the web.

Examples of sexual violence over the internet include:

  • Cyberstalking;
  • Coercing or blackmailing someone for explicit pictures;
  • Sexual communication with someone underage;
  • “Grooming” of a child or teenager.

Are You a Survivor of Sexual Abuse?

If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse, you may be able to hold your abuser personally accountable for their crimes. An experienced sexual abuse attorney could help you pursue damages against the person/institution who conducted and allowed this abuse.

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