Parole Board Set to Review Clemency Petition for Tina Talbot

Parole Board Set to Review Clemency Petition for Tina Talbot

In July 2019, our attorneys Kelly McClintock and Sammie Eyde first filed a clemency petition on behalf of our client, Tina Talbot.  Originally hoping we’d hear back within 60 days from submitting that application, it has been a long six months, especially for Tina.  However, we are now hopeful that come mid-February, we may finally have an answer from the Michigan Parole Board on whether they will recommend that the Governor grant Tina’s petition.

Next Steps in the Clemency Process

On Monday, Tina will have a video-conference hearing with a member of the Michigan Parole Board.  At the video conference, the board member will hear from Tina on why she believes she should have her sentence commuted.  After that meeting, the board member will discuss the meeting with Tina with the rest of the Parole Board. It is likely the Parole Board will discuss Tina’s possible commutation at the next executive session during the second week of February.  To move forward to the next step, which is a public hearing, it will take six of the 10 board members to vote in favor of the public hearing. 

Michigan Department of Corrections, Chris Gautz, said there’s a potential Tina could be released as soon as late August.

Seeking Justice for a Domestic Violence Survivor

Tina suffered for years as a victim of domestic violence perpetrated by her husband.  In September 2018, Tina fatally shot her husband when she was put in a “kill-or-be-killed situation”.  Once she was arrested and before she could be taken to jail, Tina was hospitalized for severe injuries she suffered at the hands of her abusive husband.  She was hospitalized with two partially collapsed lungs, a lacerated spleen, a broken arm, broken wrist, severe trauma to her right thigh, and a damaged sternum.

Oakland County Prosecutors charged Tina with Open Murder before Tina took a plea to a lesser sentence of voluntary manslaughter, and was sentenced to 20 months to 15 years in prison.

Although Tina is focused on her recovery as a survivor of extreme physical and mental abuse, Tina’s main focus remains returning to her son, Phillip, who is non-verbal and has autism.  “I just think about my son and how badly I want to reunite with him.  He needs me and I need him.  If I focus on that then even the most difficult situations are OK” Tina detailed in an email to the Detroit Press.

The attorneys at Grewal Law, PLLC, are committed to fighting for victims of abuse from all walks of life.  We are hopeful the board will vote in favor of holding a public hearing for Tina and ultimately her sentence will be commuted.

For more information about the petition to free and pardon Tina Talbot, read our previous blog post. If you need assistance with a legal matter, call Grewal Law today at (888) 211-5798.

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