Dangers of BBLs

Doctor preparing woman for plastic surgery.

Beauty standards are constantly changing, which opens up opportunities for new plastic surgery trends. Many public figures have gone under the knife recently, trading in their natural bodies for a curvier look, thus leading to the rise in popularity of Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs). A study done in 2019 found that there has been a 77.6% increase in BBLs performed since 2015. While the work done on some may look great, that’s not always the reality for other patients.

In this blog, we will highlight a brief overview of how the surgery works, including the many dangers associated with the procedure. We hope that by educating our readers about these risks, they will be better equipped to decide whether or not to undergo this surgery.


A BBL is a surgery where liposuction is used to remove fat from parts of the patient's body which is then purified and transferred into the buttocks to improve the shape and increase volume. The fat is typically removed from the stomach or hips, slimming down the appearance of the “problem area,” leaving the buttocks with a plumper look.

By surprise, the name Brazilian butt lift does not have any ties to Brazilian culture; it’s just an ode to the Brazilian surgeon who first carried out the procedure.


All surgical procedures carry risks, and if a doctor tells you otherwise, they are lying. While Brazilian butt lift surgery is considered “harmless” by plastic surgeons, the truth is they’re more deadly than you think. A study done in 2017 surveyed almost 700 doctors around the globe and found that the surgeons reported over 30 fatalities from the procedure.

With a BBL comes the risk of bruising, stretch marks, and infection—but it doesn’t stop there. Some of the most deadly risks of BBL surgeries include blood clots, cardiac complications, and fat embolism, where the fat transferred to the buttocks moves into the bloodstream, causing a blockage of the lungs.

While a BBL may be aesthetically pleasing, the risks are simply not worth it. However, we cannot make decisions for you, and if you choose to go through with this form of cosmetic surgery, we do hope that you consider these risk factors.

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