Lawmakers Seek to Ban K2 Amidst Fears Over Side Effects

It’s the legal form of marijuana, except it’s Mary Jane’s synthetic counterpart, also known as K2. According to recent reports, demand for K2 is soaring across the country but a handful of lawmakers are particularly concerned about the drug’s powerful and disturbing effects and are attempting to get the drug banned. The lawmakers’ concerns aren’t unfounded either, at least that’s according to Dr. Gaylor Lopez at the Georgia Poison Center, who states that K2 can be up to 15 times more powerful than marijuana and can lead to a wide range of strange symptoms.

K2, which also goes by other names including genie or spice, is packaged in brightly colored bags and appears harmless. Despite the side effects that Dr. Lopez has witnessed, from tremors to more severe seizures, the synthetic drug is still legal in 44 states. The six states that already banned the drug are Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Missouri while Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and New York are also considering bans.

Unfortunately, K2 is very easy to obtain since it is available at many so-called “head shops”, as well as on the Internet or through magazines. The drug is also not detectable by a test, either. Jason Schmider used to be a K2 fanatic; in fact, when asked about K2 he stated: “It’s like a dream come true for an addict”. However, Jason’s love affair with K2 came to an end after he tried the drug over 50 times and then wound up in the hospital. Jason found himself at a rehab center outside of New York City, vowing that he would never use K2 again. Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Administration is trying to learn what’s actually in the drug itself. Because of the quickly spreading reputation of K2 as a powerful and legal way to get high, stories like Jason’s are getting drowned out.

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