Top Causes of Negligent Birth Injuries


Pregnancy can seem long, but it’s nice to have time to get ready for your little bundle of joy. While preparing for the baby’s room and thinking of a name can be fun, other preparations aren’t as enjoyable. This blog post is about some of the preparations that no one likes to think about — identifying common birth injuries.

While the topic of about birth injuries can be stressful, knowing some of the most common injuries caused by negligence can help you identify what’s happening during a stressful situation. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power,” and we hope this post empowers you to recognize the signs of a birth injury. So, as stated on the Stanford Children’s Health website, here are the top three causes of negligent birth injuries.

Top Causes of Negligent Birth Injuries

1. Vacuum Extraction

Some babies get stuck in the birth canal during the birthing process; as a result, doctors will sometimes use a vacuum device to assist in the delivery. This vacuum device creates a suction cup-like bond onto the baby’s head, which helps the doctor deliver the baby.

While this process helps an infant’s extraction from the birth canal, it can also harm the baby’s brain if done incorrectly. Vacuum extractions are supposedly better alternatives to C-sections, but sometimes the process harms the child’s brain.

2. Decision Between C-Section & Vaginal Birth

A third of all United States pregnancies will result in a C-section delivery. A variety of birth complications can result in a C-section, but sometimes, doctors miss the symptoms and have the mother attempt a vaginal delivery: a choice that can end in disaster.

When children are too large for the birth canal, the potential for birth injuries is increased. Women who try to have a vaginal birth when they should have had a C-section are at risk of seriously harming their children. Unfortunately, this harm could have been avoided if the doctor saw the signs.

3. Brachial Palsy

Brachial palsy is when the infant’s shoulder is caught or stuck in the birth canal, causing injury to the brachial plexus. Brachial palsy occurs when a child is too large to fit through the canal properly. In some circumstances, the mother’s pushing can result in brachial palsy, in others, the doctor’s use of forceps inadvertently harms the child.

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