Pursuing a Clergy Sexual Abuse Claim

Pursuing a Clergy Sexual Abuse Claim

Pursuing a clergy sexual abuse claim can be an incredibly difficult and daunting prospect for victims of such abuse. A qualified attorney will remain sensitive to the individual needs of their client, navigating both the legal elements of the situation and providing compassionate care.

Many clergy sexual abuse cases are complex in nature, warranting experienced counsel who understand not only state criminal codes, but also ways of working with canon law and religious organizations. With an experienced legal team to work through the process step by step, individuals will have a better chance of achieving closure and justice.

Who Files a Sexual Abuse Claim Against Clergy?

Anyone who has suffered a sexual abuse inflicted by clergy can file a claim against them. It is often difficult to do, as there may be pre-existing relationships between the abuser and victim, or other factors that make coming forward hard. It is important that any person affected by the heinous crime of sexual abuse knows they have the right to make such a claim and take any action necessary to obtain justice and healing.

Victims are encouraged to reach out to specialized organizations that provide insight and support throughout the entire process. Staff at these organizations ensure that each person receives safe, non-judgmental guidance during every step of seeking legal recourse or establishing therapeutic treatment plans.

We’re Here to Help with Confidential Consultations

At Grewal Law PLLC, we understand the sensitive nature of clergy sexual abuse and its long-term impact on victims. We recognize that finding professional support can be difficult, and seek to make the process as comfortable and accessible to survivors as possible. Through confidential consultations, we provide counseling services centered on the needs of survivors, giving victims the space to heal. Our commitment is that these consultations will remain strictly confidential so that survivors can feel confident putting their trust in us to help them through this traumatic experience. We are here to listen, provide assistance, and connect people with resources for further support.

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