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Car theft is looked upon extremely seriously in the eyes of the Michigan law, attracting harsh criminal penalties in the form of both lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines.

If you are facing auto theft charges, you will need to solicit the aid of a competent and reputable criminal defense lawyer in Michigan to fight the charges on your behalf.

The team at Grewal Law PLLC has handled hundreds of complex and varied auto theft cases and works tirelessly to protect its clients’ interests and to ensure they get a fair and equitable outcome.

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Michigan Penalties for Auto Theft

Auto theft is defined in the Michigan Penal Code as intentionally taking possession of and driving away a motor vehicle belonging to another person, without that person’s consent. It is classed as a felony and is punishable by a jail term of up to 5 years. Even if you assist somebody else in the commission of this offense, the act still constitutes auto theft under the statute and attracts the same penalty.

If you lack the requisite intent to steal to be guilty of the felony described above, you can still be charged with a misdemeanor if you take or use a motor vehicle without authority or are party to such act. This offense carries a term of imprisonment of up to 2 years or a fine of up to $1,500(which may be reduced to up to 3 months or $500 for a first offense).

If, however, in the course of committing auto theft you use or threaten force or violence or put in fear the occupants of the car or anybody attempting to recover the car, you could be found guilty of carjacking. This is the most serious auto-related crime and convicted felons face a possible life sentence, even if no physical harm to the occupants actually occurs.

While the overview above outlines the most serious categories of auto theft charges, various other auto-related crime exists. These offenses include the dealing in or concealing of stolen motor vehicles, tampering with a vehicle in order to misrepresent its identity, as well as meddling with another person’s vehicle without permission. Penalties for these crimes range from license revocation to fines and protracted prison sentences.

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