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Personal Protection Orders (PPO) are issued by the courts and are designed to stop violence or threats of violence against someone. Grewal Law PLLC can assist you with obtaining a PPO or having one that has already been issued enforced.

In addition, if you have had a PPO issued against you and need help in having the order lifted we can help you. Our Michigan legal team is ready to assist you. We understand the circumstances surrounding these cases are very personal and we will take the time to hear your story to help us better assist you.

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Types of Personal Protection Orders

The three types of orders issued are domestic relationship, non-domestic (stalking) and non-domestic (sexual assault) PPOs.

  1. Domestic Relationship PPO – these are issued to protect someone who is connected to a person in the following ways:
    • Spouse or former spouse
    • Individual with whom you have or had a dating relationship with in life
    • A person who shares a child with you
    • Someone who lived or currently lives in your home
  2. Non-Domestic (Stalking) PPO
    • Designed to protect people from an abuser who is not connected to them through a domestic relationship outlined above.
    • At least two incidents of stalking must be documented before an order will be issued. Stalking includes but is not limited to harassment through text messaging or phone calls or repeatedly showing up where you live or work.
  3. Non-Domestic (Sexual Assault) PPO
    • Issued against a person who has been convicted of sexually assaulting someone.
    • These PPOs are also issued if a threat of sexual assault has been made and the person is not in a domestic relationship with the individual he or she is threatening.

If you are seeking a Personal Protective Order in Michigan or have been accused of violating one, our team at Grewal Law PLLC can help you.

Protections Issued by PPOs

Each PPO has varying levels of protections issued by the order. Besides standard protections offered by orders, you can request additional restrictions from the court based on the circumstances in your case.

Typical Domestic PPOs prohibit the person from entering your home or interfering with your job or school. He or she will also not be allowed to have contact with you. Additionally, the individual will be prohibited from threatening you, causing physical harm to come to you or stalking you.

Other restrictions placed on them including not allowing them to buy or have a gun in his or her possession.

In addition, Non-Domestic PPOs including both stalking and sexual assault related ones, restrict a person from following you, calling you or contacting you by any other means. The person also cannot threaten to harm you in any way.

Additionally, he or she will not be allowed to approach you at home, work or in public places. Just like with Domestic PPOs, the individual will not be allowed to have or buy a gun while the order is in place.

If you need a personal protection order in Michigan, do not wait to call Grewal Law PLLC today. We can walk you through the entire process from handling the paperwork with the court system to appearing before the judge to having the order served on the respondent. We can provide help at each step of the process.

In addition, you may be wrongfully accused of violating an existing PPO. We will hear the side of your story and will help you defend yourself against these accusations.

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Experienced Attorneys Who Can Help with Personal Protection Orders

Call our legal team to help with issues related to your personal protection order today. From dealing with issues related to existing PPOs to helping you get a new PPO in place, our team at Grewal Law PLLC is ready to assist you.

Contact us today for a free quote at (888) 211-5798.

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