Can You Smoke Cannabis Outside of Your Home in Michigan?

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Michigan became the first Midwestern state to legalize recreational marijuana in late 2018. The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act went into effect in December 2018 and, while it allowed Michiganders who are at least 21 years old to use cannabis recreationally, there are several regulations in place that still restrict its use.

Get informed on some of these regulations, including the ones that dictate when and where you may smoke cannabis in Michigan.

Where Can You Smoke Cannabis in Michigan?

While recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan, that doesn’t mean you can use the substance wherever you like.

According to Michigan law, you may only use cannabis in private, such as in your own home, or at a licensed designated consumption establishment or licensed marijuana temporary event. This law is similar to alcohol in that it is illegal to consume in public areas, such as on the street or at the park.

Additionally, landlords and/or business owners can decide to prohibit smoking tobacco or cannabis on their premises. They cannot, however, stop you from possessing cannabis or consuming cannabis in a manner other than by smoking.

Michigan’s Cannabis Possession Laws

Michiganders who are at least 21 years old may possess cannabis and may cultivate up to 12 cannabis plants at their home residence under certain conditions. Only licensed marijuana provisioning centers, retailers, or microbusinesses can sell cannabis for retail sale. It is illegal for anyone else in the state to sell cannabis.

There is also a limit to the amount of cannabis you may have in your possession. Under state law, you may carry up to 2.5 ounces as long as you’re not on the property of a K-12 school, jail, or prison. When you’re at home, the limit for possession increases to 10 ounces plus any cannabis that is produced off of plants grown at your home.

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